Why does Cree become the leader of SiC?

Release Date:2021-03-10 10:10

SiC was discovered as a material in the 19th century. In the following century, SiC was widely used in machining and smelting due to its high hardness. It was mainly used in functional ceramics, advanced refractories, abrasives and metallurgical raw materials. field. There is also promotion as a kind of jewellery-Moissanite.

Although the first SiC diode was born as early as 1907, due to the variability of SiC's own structure, the exploration of SiC's industrial crystal growth continued throughout the 20th century, and it is still being explored and improved. As a wide band gap semiconductor, compared with traditional silicon-based devices, SiC's breakdown field strength is 10 times that of traditional silicon-based devices, and its thermal conductivity is 3 times that of traditional silicon-based devices, making it very suitable for high-voltage applications.SiC components can achieve lower on-resistance, higher switching speed, and adapt to higher temperature working environments.