The advantages and disadvantages of magnetic track lights will bring you a comprehensive understandi

Release Date:2021-04-25 16:38

Traditional track lights are generally composed of a track, a power supply box, and a lamp body. The power supply box and the track are slidably connected to facilitate position adjustment, and the lamp body is pivotally connected to the power supply box to adjust the light-emitting angle. The modern magnetic lamp improves the traditional track lamp's shortcomings that it is difficult to disassemble and maintain when installing the track and installing the lamps. The magnetic connection structure is designed, and the magnet is installed in the power box, and the iron sheet is installed on the corresponding track to attract the magnet.

Through the magnetic attraction technology, the lamp assembly can be adsorbed on the track. The lamp is easy to disassemble and assemble, and it can be fixed by inserting it. At the same time, because the track is powered by low voltage, the entire circuit will appear very simple and compact, which is very suitable for use in home decoration design.

Second, the type of magnetic lamp

Magnetic suction lamp is a modular lighting system, which can be combined and installed, generally divided into four modules:floodlight module, grille template, spotlight module, and chandelier module.

Magnetic lamps can be used not only to highlight architectural elements, but also to provide basic lighting or atmosphere creation.

Third, the advantages of magnetic lamps

In addition to the advantages of appearance, the advantages of magnetic lamps include:

1. Simple installation. Modular components, any combination of adsorption is completed for installation.

2. It can be equipped with different lamps.The magnetic lamp adopts the modular concept, and there are many light source modules that can be applied to the magnetic lamp, including downlights, spotlights, grid lights, floodlights, chandelier lines, etc.

3. The number of lamps can be increased or decreased freely. There is no limit to the number of lamps installed on the track.

4. Can move freely and adjust the angle freely. On the magnetic track, the light source can move freely, arbitrarily arrange the lights according to your needs, and adjust the angle at will.

5. Convenient for maintenance. When disassembling and repairing, you only need to disconnect the power supply and remove the lamp from the magnetic track. It is also very convenient to redesign and replace later.

Fourth, the application of magnetic lamps

Track lights are generally widely used in clothing, jewelry, exhibition halls, hotels, clubs and other commercial places that require decorative effects and key lighting. Because people's demand for lighting design is getting higher and higher, it is also used by designers in living room, bedroom, study and other home lighting.

The magnetic lighting combination can be installed in a modular manner, with a wealth of components, and easy to disassemble. It is the best choice for designers to outline the space and is also a necessary lighting decoration for young people's home decoration.

Name: Candy Yang