Three minutes to understand the introduction and design principles of magnetic track lights and magn

Release Date:2021-04-25 16:46

Learn about magnetic track lights in three minutes, some are called magnetic track lights, and some are called magnetic track lights. Today, I will talk about the design principle of the magnetic lamp.

The magnetic track is die-casted and not made of profile. There is an iron magnetic technology at the bottom of the track, which can adsorb the lamp components on the track.

As a lamp that has emerged in recent years, the magnetic lamp has instantly ranked among the top sellers due to its unparalleled advantages. So why is this lamp so popular among designers and even newly-decorated users? Now, let's get to know what kind of product this is.

The soul of magnetic track lights is not lamps, but magnetic. That is, through the magnetic attraction technology, the lamp assembly can be adsorbed on the track.

The disassembly and assembly of the lamp is also very convenient, and it can be fixed easily by inserting it. The strongest adsorption force of the track is 5 times the weight of the lamp body. The strong adsorption is not easy to fall, and it is equipped with a safety buckle to ensure the stability of the lamp in the fixed position even if there is a sudden demagnetization situation.

Smart series is plug-and-bright, not only can move the light source as you want, but also can increase the light source according to actual needs.

In addition, the conductive copper wire of the magnetic track light does not leak, the conductive wire is hidden on the side, and the conductive wire cannot be touched by human hands, so there is no risk of direct contact after power on. It can be called a convenient and safe combination. Good lighting.

In summary, the magnetic track light is a space lighting product that is plug-and-light, easy to disassemble, and has good safety performance.