The easiest way to install LED panel lights

Release Date:2021-04-25 21:56

LED panel light is an ultra-thin, energy-saving, environmentally friendly and safe LED lighting fixture. This panel light uses the latest LED light source technology, which is deeply loved by consumers. It is an energy-saving, environmentally friendly and safe lighting fixture that enterprises pay attention to. It can completely replace the existing traditional The panel lighting fixture has the advantages of good color consistency, multiple optional color temperatures, high brightness, long life, low energy consumption, and environmental protection. How do we install the LED panel light after purchasing the LED panel light? There are three ways to install the LED panel light:

The first installation method:fixed bracket

First, drill a few screw holes in the ceiling, then install the LED panel light slide-in ceiling frame on the ceiling, and fix it on three sides. Then slide the panel light into the fixed slide-in mounting frame, and then screw the fourth side to fix the frame. Convenient, simple and time-saving.

The second installation method, wire hanging type

First, fix the hanging wire mounting parts on the ceiling, and lock the screws (the hanging wire has been installed before leaving the factory.) The hanging wire is vertically down, and the component is suspended on the back of the LED panel light. Easy to install and save trouble. Consumers must pay attention to inquiries to understand whether the suspension components are standard accessories or optional accessories of the manufacturer.

The third installation method is embedded

Install the sheet metal slot on the ceiling first, and then fix a few outwardly protruding brackets on the back of the LED panel light, and then put the panel light in so that the bracket matches the sheet metal slot on the ceiling, and then it can be fixed on the ceiling. However, because the thickness of various ceilings is different, it is necessary to adjust the height between the lamp surface and the bracket, otherwise it will cause the phenomenon that the LED panel light is higher or lower than the ceiling surface after installation.

The above three installation methods should also pay attention to the following installation matters in the actual installation process:1. Please make sure that the power has been cut off before installation; 2. Pay attention to waterproof, electric and shockproof; 3. The product uses standard working voltage, and do not exceed the working voltage Scope; 4. This product is for indoor use only; 5. Please read the instructions carefully before installing the product.