How to install factory tri-proof lights

Release Date:2021-04-25 21:59

The three-proof lamp is mainly used in humid environments such as highway tunnels, food factories, pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, etc., especially in dusty environments, which play a great role in safe production.

Ceiling installation:first use 4 M8 bolts to fix the hoisting adapter plate to the lamp, and pass the three-core cable through the threaded port of the G3/4 pipe and pass through the side

The round hole and the lead-in port on the side of the lamp holder are connected to the lamp, and then the G3/4 pipe thread of the lamp and the wiring with the standard G3/4 pipe thread

The steel pipes are screwed together.

Ceiling installation:According to the installation hole size of the lamp, punch the corresponding installation bolt hole at the position where the lamp is to be installed, and install it with M8 bolts.