How to install the ceiling light installation diagram

Release Date:2021-04-25 22:02

To install the ceiling light, the materials that need to be prepared include:impact drill, screws, glue, and insulating tape.

1. Turn off the main power supply of the household first.

2. Put the base of the ceiling lamp to the position to be installed.

3. Mark the location of the hole with a pen.

4. Then use a percussion drill to make holes.

Fifth, in the hole punched in the glue, used to fix the screws.

6. Put the ceiling lamp base to the position to be installed, and tighten the screws.

7. Connect the wires of the roof to the wires of the ceiling lamp, and wrap them with insulating tape.

8. Install the lamp on the base.

9. Turn on the power and test it. If the light is on, the installation is correct.

10. Finally, cover the lampshade.