How high is the practical solar street light? What is the usual installation pitch?

Release Date:2023-01-16 17:20

Solar street lights can be used for urban roads, parks, squares and other places, as well as towns and rural roads. Different places have different requirements for the height of solar street lights, and the installation distance is related to the installation height. Therefore, the place of use should be determined before installing solar street lights.

Installation height of solar street light

Conventional solar street light pole heights are 4m, 5m, 6m, 8m, 10m, etc. Generally, the height of street lamps on both sides of national roads is not less than 12m, the height of street lamps on both sides of urban auxiliary roads is not less than 10m, and the height of street lamps on both sides of urban streets is not less than 8m.

Scenic spots and parks often use solar street lights of about 7m. Most of the roads built in rural areas have a width of about 5m, and 4-6m light poles can be used.

In addition, the specific height of solar street lights is also related to road width, vehicle density, vehicle type, and surrounding trees. When we determine the installation height of solar street lights, we should also fully consider these factors.

Installation distance of solar street light

Regarding the spacing of solar street lamps, the spacing of lamps is determined by various factors such as the lighting power of street lamps, the height of street lamps, and the width of roads.

Generally speaking, the interval between street lamps is related to the height of the lamp pole and the wattage of the lamp holder. For example, for a lamp holder of 60 watts and a lamp pole of about 6m, the interval is 15-18m; -36m, the distance between the light poles at the corner should be appropriately reduced, usually the distance between the light fixtures is about 3~4 times the height of the light poles.

From the above, we can have a general understanding of the installation height and installation distance of solar street lights. In the actual application process, we can also make adjustments according to specific conditions. Rising Sun Oriental has been focusing on high-quality solar lighting products for 18 years. The brightness of Atlas series integrated solar street lights ranges from 2000lm to 10000lm. It is suitable for road lighting, island lighting, industrial park roads, landscape lighting and other places.