How to choose 5 kinds of light strips without main light design?

Release Date:2023-04-12 16:23

There are 5 kinds of light strips commonly used at home, all of which are low-voltage and flicker-free, and need to be used with a transformer.

1. 2835 LED strips, 120 beads per meter, high cost performance. The chip has a large light-emitting area, mature technology, and is not easy to be damaged. Generally, there is no voltage drop within 10 meters, and power needs to be recharged after exceeding 10 meters. Otherwise, the brightness at the beginning and the end will be inconsistent. Like the bedside, suspended ceiling, and suspended TV cabinet at home, it is fine to use it under normal circumstances, but it is not suitable to be installed in a thin profile of the black mask, and the lamp beads will be exposed.

Second, the dual-color temperature LED light strip is also 10 meters without pressure drop. It is recommended to use it with a smart controller, so that you can adjust the brightness, adjust the color temperature, and use it if you want to be smart at home.

3. COB light strip, 320 beads per meter. Compared with traditional light strips, it emits light more uniformly and without particles, so it is usually pasted directly or used with ultra-thin profile black mask profiles.

4. Cut the LED light strip one bead and one bead, and the light will turn on normally after every other bead is cut off. Its advantage is that the length can be precisely controlled, and it is suitable for installation in areas that require precise lengths of light strips, such as the inner panels of cabinets.

5. Flowing water LED light strip, there will be a small arrow on the light strip, which needs to be used with the controller.