Why put LED strips in aluminum profiles?

Release Date:2023-04-10 23:19

LED light bars are the most flexible light sources available today. These LED light strips come with a peel and stick feature so you can stick them on any surface. Sometimes LED tapes need a more permanent fix or need to be hidden so they stay out of sight. A simple solution is to install it in an aluminum profile. These aren't the only reasons to use LED profiles; let's dig a little deeper.

Aluminum LED Light Bar Profiles

Aluminum LED light strip profiles are solid hollow or semi-hollow shaped pieces of aluminum designed to protect LED light strips from mechanical damage. Plus, they can be used to provide the finishing touches to even the most complex lighting projects. The LED profile hides the strip without hiding its light. You can't see the individual tubes, but the light keeps shining.

The terms - aluminum extrusions and aluminum extrusions - are used interchangeably - it refers to the same product. Available in different colors and styles of LED lights, it is easier to choose a matching light for your project.

Different types of LED profiles

LED strip profiles come in four groups – (1) recessed, (2) corner mounted, (3) surface mounted and (4) architectural.

1. Embedded profiles

Recessed profile

Recessed profiles are ideal for lighting on walls, floors and ceilings, as well as under lighting for cabinets and shelves. Their diffuser covers give your LED lights a more refined look and can be integrated into different interior designs and decors. They are available in standard sizes and can be cut to length.

2. Corner profile

Corner profile

Corner Mount Profiles are designed for installation in 90 degree corners. While 45° is the most standard option, various models allow the light to shine at angles of 30°, 45° and 60°. Their diffuser covers allow you to create a smooth light bar effect. They are commonly used on ceilings and floor corners, but they work really well under kitchen cupboards, shelves and cabinets. They are available in standardized lengths and can be cut to meet your specific needs.

3. Surface mount profiles

Surface-mounted profiles can be placed on the surface of ceilings, walls, cupboards, cupboards or even floor borders. It also looks great for under-shelf or under-cabinet lighting. This type of profile gives your tape a light and stylish look, perfect for office spaces or visible locations, especially high diffuse coverage models. Surface mount profiles are easier to install, cut and fit together. You can even use them to create an overall continuous line lighting effect. They are available in standardized one or two meter sizes and can be easily cut to your specifications.

4. Building overview

Architectural profiles consist of specially shaped LED extrusions that are used for specific applications; they are available in round, flat and T-shape. Architectural LED extrusions are ideal for any lighting project you can imagine. They provide excellent and elegant protection for LED tapes on stairs, walls, wardrobes, living rooms and displays. Architectural profiles are perfect for anyone wanting to experiment with lighting or create unique modern looking interiors.

Why use LED profiles?

While the main reason is to shield and prolong the life of LED strips, aluminum profiles bring you many advantages. The following are key:

It makes cleaning easier: you can use the LED extrusion to keep the light source clean and comfortable.

Light guiding: Light guiding is easier with LED profiles. You just need to choose the right angle for your project.

Consistency of reflection: The diffuser of the LED profile produces a consistent point-free reflection. The LED diffuser evenly distributes the light from the LEDs at the edges of the screen so there are no bright spots near them. LED diffusers are available in cream and frosted surface finishes.

Heat Absorption: LED tape produces heat (much less than incandescent bulbs) that the aluminum profile can absorb, protecting your wood or wood-like surface from fire hazards.

Steady in Place: The LED strip light will not stay in place permanently as the glue will weaken over time. You can place the LED strip in the aluminum profile and mount it permanently where you want it without worrying about it coming off.

bottom line

LED profiles or extrusions will protect your LED lights from any mechanical damage for added style. This will make the LED light less noticeable without affecting the quality of its light. It's the perfect way to brighten up your home or workspace.